Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Familiar Spell

Hi everyone :o)
I'm peeping my head around the 'sick room' door for a bit as I wanted to show my piece for the EHAG challenge 'Familiar Friends'

I have always had a soft spot for toads, all kinds, I love their warty backs and the way they walk... And we are very lucky here that they find their way into our greenhouse and bury themselves in the plants, as they are incredibly useful creatures for the garden.

Not to mention their magical connections...although I do think they have been given a bad press because of all the licking that went on in the Dark Ages (toads have a secretion on their skins for protection, which someone found could make a person have hallucinations if they licked it...just how anyone ever found that out in the first place, I have no idea...but it was a while back...!)

So anyway...back to the challenge...I'm waffling again (I blame the bug ;o))...
Most folks think of Cats when they hear of a Familiar but my first thought is always here he is...his name is Touchwood...and I have to say I'm glad that I finished him well before we caught this lurgy as I would have been sorry to have missed him... it's your turn for a challenge...
What do think of when you think Familiar Friend?

And on that note I will vanish in a puff of smoke *******


Linda in New Mexico said...

Your toad is fantastic. I love him, most especially...but I also love the cauldron. You're "arting work" has so much love in it.
I'm so very sorry that you have a the crud again or still or again. I hate to hear that you are ill. I will most certainly do some candlemagick for you getting over the lurgy.
I know that it's rather unseemly but I have always felt my familiar to be one of my turtles. His name is Sir Pig. What a randy bit of turtle flesh he is in the spring. He is first up and last down for hibernation and is now about 40 years old. He centers me and helps me clear my mind. So unconventional as it is TURTLE.
The Olde Bagg who loves you dearly.

Linda in New Mexico said...

By the way...I see your "arting" as the sign for our new international pub...the toad and cauldron.

Danni said...

Your toad is such a handsome fellow! That being said, I have no interest in licking his back. ;) I have quite a fondness for the bumpy little buggers myself, as well as slick skinned frogs. Growing up, I lived in a marshy area where they were prevalent and they are one of the things that I miss most about home.

As for what I think of when I think of familiar? Crows, bats and cats: in that order. :)

VelveT GlooM said...

Touchwood is a wonderful specimen of "Toadship" I love this picture, you really put your soul into your art :o)
My familiar is always my dog, Gary - he is my protector from both humans and spirits that are up to no good!!
I am a bit partial to Owls, Crows, Wolves and Frogs too - they all have their specific meanings to me.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us all :o)

Healthy Blessings being sent your way!!


Oberon's Wood said...

A turtle would be a wonderful familiar!
Sir Pig eh?
Only you could call a turtle that!
'The toad and cauldron'...where the ale is served by the cauldron full ;o)

Crows, bats and cats eh?
Now that's just being greedy ;o)
I love all of those...I love rooks as well and we have ravens here that are gorgeous :o)
I love frogs too...although we only have the 'ordinary' ones here :o)

Gary sounds gorgeous!
So many familiars!!!
Thank you sweet pea for your lovely words you are so kind :o)

Thank you have all given me some you soon...hopefully ;o)