Thursday, 31 March 2011

Introducing...Ms Cassandra and Miss Rowan

Ms Cassandra and Miss Rowan (Take a walk in the Dark Woods)

Don’t be scared sweetheart,
You know it isn’t real,
It’s just the shadows in the wood
Which gives the creepy feel.

Don’t be shy my baby,
Don’t hide your little face,
It’s just the whistle of the wind
Which haunts this lovely place.

Don’t you fret my darling,
Your mummy has you tight,
I’ll chase away the spooky things
Upon this moonlit night.

Don’t you worry honey,
Don’t listen to their plea,
I’ll keep you safe from all things scary;
Bug-eyed Monsters, spiders hairy,
Ghosts and Ghouls and Goblin Faery
Do not frighten me!

This creation came about after thinking how much our children rely on 'Mummy' to be a big, strong, safe image.
I love the way which very young children see their though they are invincible, that they are never afraid of anything…that they will always be able to protect them.
Although as they grow older, sadly they realise that this is not always so…

This creation is my offering for the March EHAG Emporium...if you would like to see more of the artists of EHAG do pop over to their's always Halloween there...what more could you want? ;o)

Ms Cassandra stands at 5 1/2 inches to the top of her head and 6 1/2 inches to the top of her pointy hat.
Although it is difficult to see Miss Rowan (she's hiding), I can assure you that she does have a full face and both her eyes are there! (Even though I then hid one on Mummy's shoulder)
I also thought it would be cute to dress Rowan in bright colours as a contrast to the more sombre garments which adults (witches ;o)) prefer.
Although most of my figures can be gently posed, because of the nature of this pose I have fixed the two figures together...they are, therefore, not pose-able and Mummy can keep hold of Rowan forever...that's love for you...
These figures are completely One-of-a-kind and no moulds have been used or taken from them (so you will have the only ones ;o))

Sorry folks if this sounds like a sales pitch...I'm not after your money...I'm just trying to promote my EHAG friends :o)

And look at me...two posts in two days!
I must be feeling ill ;o)
He he he he he


Kassandra said...

oh goddess,they are so beautiful...*sigh*...

Marisa Stein said...

I love that pose and the poem is so touching!

Jeanne said...

Wonderful! And the poem is the finishing touch! :0)

Linda in New Mexico said...

This is such a dear piece. Your Mommy is showing so beautifully in this.
As to the posting so have been a busy bee since your puter got fixed haven't ya. Yay for us.
The Olde Bagg

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

They are so beautiful, you can feel their love.

Victoria ♥

Oberon's Wood said...

Oh my Goddess...I never got any notice of these comments...seems my 'puter is still a little poorly :o(

Thank you are all so lovely :o)

And yep Lindy, don't worry it won't's like a cold...;o)

Leah's Art Magic said...

Such care and thought went into these two!
Just wonderful!

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

They are both lovely :0)
Julia x

VelveT GlooM said...

Spectacular as ever my dear, you are one very talented little witch..I am so glad you have got your computer fixed, I have missed your posts so!!
Thank you for sharing your lovely treasures with us..
Blessings to you xxx